Atheism Agnosticism Theism and Pursuing Truth

Recently, while thinking about the many views people have about philosophical and religious issues such as, is there a deity, it became clear that were a mature intelligent individual to make a first appearance to our planet, it would be a daunting task to learn and understand all the differing views held by atheists, agnostics and theists. What would be found true and by what means?

All of us have been born into or at least grown up in a setting where there was a belief system, practiced or implied. The question then all of us face is, if we are thinking and care at all, what beliefs are valid, true, and how can we know for certain.

In a graduate course we were required to write what were called “position papers”. In such a paper one is expected to research and bring into play all the facts and arguments supportive of one’s belief on a given topic. A problem inherent in this process is that facts and arguments contrary to one’s, position, but totally valid, are deliberately ignored or denied. This procedure, as we are all aware, can occur in court rooms, legislative houses and anywhere else where there are differing opinions. This also happens in the debates between atheists, agnostics and theists.

In recent years many debates have taken place between atheists, agnostics and theists all in the pursuit of truth. The debaters obviously are knowledgeable and one can assume with a better than average IQ. Nevertheless, they don’t reach a consensus and listeners are left with the task of determining the truth. The question then arises whether there is another avenue to truth. Is there another source of knowledge that could be helpful in our search for what’s valid and beneficial for us? This is not to denigrate all the knowledge we have available to us. For example, we have all benefited immensely from the advances in medicine.

However, as the years have gone by I’ve come to realize that there might be more to know than what comes out of lecture rooms and labs. This perspective will be shared in the posts ahead.

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About hechl

The purpose of this blog is to share some thoughts with individuals who may be thinking about religious or philosophical issues. The emphasis will be about atheism, theism, deity and miracles.
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