Alberta Atheism Theism Miracles and Minor Gods Part One

As we all know, whether there is a God has been debated for hundreds of years and has never been resolved. Relatively little has been debated about what we might call minor gods, good and bad. The question of miracles has also been debated without consensus.

Most, if not all, world religions and small-scale belief systems such as New Age, Spiritualism, Wiccan and Satanism have the involvement of minor spiritual entities. It is possible that if a Supreme Being exists there could also be minor spiritual beings, and if there are minor spiritual beings there could also be a Supreme Being.

As I mentioned in an earlier blog, after reading some material related to an Anthropology course, my curiosity was piqued when I read about some unusual occurrences that took place in the homes of a particular group of people. This it seemed was caused by an incorporeal force.

As time progressed I did research and gained some knowledge about ideas that were new to me. I read a lot of material and observed what transpired in some of the meetings that were open to the public. To clarify, these meeting were conducted to free individuals of spiritual entities who were making life very difficult for them. No one was forced into this procedure and each was relieved and grateful when the deliverance was complete. What is at first a bit confusing is that these entities are invisible and malevolent. But for sure, I was where the evidence was. If you would like further insight into this procedure, read the gospel of Mark in the New Testament.

What I find puzzling is that atheist thinkers and scientists don’t seem to go to where this evidence is. Why is this? They condemn the belief in spiritual entities because of a lack of knowledge and their conclusions are based merely on their own thinking and not on first hand evidence.

Based on what I’ve read and what I’ve witnessed, my conclusion is that there are minor entities. As best I can tell, those doing deliverance encourage people to see a doctor, psychologist or psychiatrist. If they can solve their problem then, of course, they needn’t seek help elsewhere and that certainly is desirable.

In keeping with the topic of this blog, anyone who is arguing that there is nothing supernatural, God or little gods, should do some serious research both by reading and by talking to those who do deliverance. I have a list of 117 books, and there are others, written about the above topic by educated and sincere individuals. Lack of information can not be an excuse for not having an understanding about minor evil entities.

In the next blog, information will be shared about good entities and particularly about one man who has a very interesting story to tell. Check back before the end of the month.

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